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One very useful function featured by MiniCom and Ennovah systems is room monitoring. Monitor any area around your home while you are at home for supervision or away from home! All done from any household speakerphone or any standard handset.

When you are doing room monitoring from a supervising home Speaker Pad or Speakerphone, you are still able to receive all incoming phone calls. Sounds are picked up from the monitored area by the handset or microphone of the supervised extension phone. You must have let the supervised device activated with the applicable command. Again, all incoming phone calls are still processed. Great for baby monitoring. Capability for monitoring more than one area at a time with two supervised devices.

Also works with mobile handsets othat you can take anywhere outdoors within the transmission range of the device. Sounds will be fed at all times to your cordless handset (must be handset with built-in speakerphone) or cordless headset. And you are still able to take all incoming phone calls!

As specified, the monitoring capability built into the MiniCom and Ennovah systems also allows you to monitor areas within your home while you are away. When you want to check your home from afar, just call your home line from your cell phone or any other land phone. You will be directly connected into the sounds of your house.

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If you need a very sensitive station to pick a broader range of sounds, then get our special monitoring station. The monitoring stations work both for monitoring with in-home supervision and remote outside supervision. Only two monitoring stations can be used at a time.

A great telephone-enabled intercom system to add more safety and security to your household!


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