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Room Intercom Systems with the Telephones

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Most Popular Home Intercom Systems
Home Intercom Systems delivering room-to-room intercom and door-to-room intercom with existing telephone handsets or other dedicated handsets. And a whole lot more...

Specific Applications in Home Intercom Systems
Get ideas about all the things that you can do with these unique home intercom systems to make your life at home more amenable.

Intercom Based on Wholehouse Page
Home Intercom Systems delivering intercom based on wholehouse distinctive ring or wholehouse open voice page.

More Home Intercom Systems
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Room-to-Room Intercom
Unpaired Home Intercom Systems delivering indoor intercom with no limitation on the amount of handsets or extension stations you choose to have.

Plug-In Handset Intercom Systems
Home Intercom Systems using your existing telephones plugged into your phone jacks. No wiring, no tooling. Work with your existing standard single-line or multi-line phone sets. Perfect as Home Intercom Systems and/or Home Office Intercom systems. When the wireless multi-handset systems by themselves fail to deliver for you for any reason, these intercom systems come to your rescue.

Home Office Intercom Equipments
Home Telephone Intercom Systems that you can use with 2-line phones and single-line phones for Home and Home Office Intercom.

FAQ's About Home Intercom Systems
Got questions? Quick answers to most questions you may have about running an intercom system in your home, specifically using our systems.

Do you know what's better than an old-fashion in-wall open-voice type of intercom system?
See the best alternatives in home intercom systems. Very practical, very functional, truly makes life at home a lot easier. Even if you want fancy features, wholehouse music and the like...


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If you are looking for a room-room intercom system for your home and/or home office, under any of the denominations listed at left or bottom, please click here for a display of our residential intercom systems for such applications.

Quantometrix is the home of the largest selection of residential  indoor intercom systems. We have a model for every single kind of intercom in use in the home.

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