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DuoCom Q-2f

DuoCom Q-2 Series
Two-Point Intercom System

DuoCom is a simple 2-point commercial intercom system. When you need a quick, simple and effective communication solution between two points in a business or institutional environment, DuoCom provides a very handy fit at an affordable cost.

This commercial intercom system is able to  accommodate a variety of user sets so the proper talking device may be chosen for any particular application.

Fit for schools, shops, churches, restaurants, stores, daycares, farms, warehouses, two-story dwellings, parlors, etc., this small business intercom system helps provide sturdy and reliable intercoms at points that might be exposed to the public or rough handling. Below is the list of features offered by this commercial intercom system.

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Technical Support
1.- Works with Variety of Commercial Phone Sets
2.- Easy Wired or Wireless Install
3.- Several Distinct Intercom Modes
4.- Both Visual & Audible Call Announcers
5.- Integrates with 2-Line Phone
6.- Intercom Between One Master Station and 2 Sub-Stations
7.- One-to-One Three-Station Intercom System


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