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    Expansion Cards for Ennovah

Expand service set of these Telephone Intercom Systems with internal Plug-in Cards  

VIP Cards
Video processor able to process up to 4 doorphone cameras or universal video cameras into various composite outputs and one modulated output as per card model. Automatically selects camera to put on video screen upon doorphone call. 

Composite video for LCD screens,  computer video capture cards and/or Line channel of TV's (yellow RCA jack). Modulated video for distribution to home TV sets via F connector (cable or antenna connector) and viewing of all cameras on one single channel of choice.

Three versions available:

  • VIP-4C..Composite Video Processor
    for 4 Cameras...........................
      $59.95  Only!
  • VIP-2M..Composite and Modulated Video Processor
    for 2 Cameras........................
    .... $149.95   Only!
  • VIP-4M..Composite & Modulated Video Processor
    for 4 Cameras........................... 
    $199.95  Only!


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IPC Card 
Duplexer card for door entry in an independent quarter of a duplex home, a second property dwelling or a second home in a 2-home community. To be used with a multi-button Entry Access Panel or a single-unit doorphone. When used with doorphone, add a buitt-in DOP card to doorphone for door release control.

$79.95  Only!  [Buy]


ADC Card 
AutoDial Expansion card. Includes card plus fixture accessories, selector switch and programming Keypad. May be used as a duplexer card to handle remote  door entry service in a single-family dwelling or for remote door entry service in a second apartment in the dwelling. Forwards door entry calls to cell phone or any land line. Stores phone numbers of up to 30 digits. Must be used with an EAPD hybrid type of Entry Panel.

$114.95  Only!  [Buy]


DOP Card
Door opener extension card. Works as an add-on to a single-unit Doorphone or Entry Panel to provide door release control for a duplex unit.

$59.95  Only!  [Buy]


IPX Card
Duplexer card for channel expansion or two-line handling in a single residence, or for implementation of room-to-room phone in the second apartment of a duplex dwelling.  Two-line phone sets required to access associated functions via Line 2 button, when used as channel expander or two-line enabler.

  • IPX-1...........Room /Channel Expander   $199.95  [Buy]



DPX Card

Expansion card for multiple doorphones and wholehouse paging and music. Available in 5 different versions: 
  • DPX-1.......Music and Voice Page + 4 Adaptors   $99.95
  • DPX-2.......2 Doorphones & Chime control  $99.95
  • DPX-22.....2 Doorphones + Chime control + Music & Voice
                           Page w. 4 Adaptors 
  • DPX-4.......4 Doorphones and Chime control  $159.95
  • DPX-44.....4 Doorphones + Chime control + Music & Voice
                           page w. 4 adaptors  
  • DPX-2S.....2 Doorphones, Chime control & Sweeper  $159.95
  • DPX-4S.....4 Doorphones, Chime control & Sweeper $199.95




soon to 
be released...

X10P Card
X10 processor with 4 input addresses and 7 output addresses. Remote access to automated appliances from cell/remote phone. Control sprinklers, drapery, lighting, any home control automation you can think of. Use with ActiveHome computer interface for computer-based scenes.

Requires X10 PSC05 module.

  • X10P Card..........$149.95  Only! [Buy]
  • PSC05................$19.95  Only! [Buy]
VIP Slot and Video Connectors
This slot is essentially a 62 pin connector sitting on the motherboard of the system. This connector, along with the video connectors, are required for all systems that are due to implement Video surveillance based on the Controller. (All pre-built in Q-26/IPC model).

$34.95  Only! [Buy]


X10P Slot
This slot is essentially a 62 pin connector sitting on the motherboard of the system. This slot is required for all systems that are due to implement home automation based on the Controller. (Pre-built in Q-26/IPC model).

$19.95  Only! [Buy]





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