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Speaker Set

Ennovah Q-26 Series

Auto-Answer on External Phone Calls
The more advanced Ennovah Controllers feature a built-in Auto-Answer mode of operation allowing you to attend to incoming phone calls in a totally hands-free fashion as long as you have at least one ordinary single-line speakerphone in the household. Upon an incoming phone call, the system will release a warning tone off the speakerphone, and thereafter directly and automatically connect the remote caller. You speak at a distance away from the set without ever touching it. When the call ends up and the remote caller hangs up, the system automatically tears down the connection immediately.

You never had to get the phone, you do not get to touch the phone at all to answer the phone call! During the communication you may choose to manually terminate the call at any time as desired. Great when you are in the bathtub, yakusi, in a massage session, busy in the garage, or busy cooking. 
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For absolute freedom to move around all the home and still take your phone calls totally handsfree,  the built-in Auto-Answer feature may be combined with the the use of a cordless headset such as those available in most modern cordless phones (headset ready).  To take your incoming calls no need to even hit a button on the handset. You get a warning tone direct from the headset prior to direct connection of the call! Great for pregnant women, the handicapped, etc. You may even monitor your baby from the headset and still receive incoming phone calls. All possible sounds from the baby's room are picked up while your phone conversation is ongoing! This function requires Ennovah Q-26/IXC - Q-26/IP or Q-26/IPC.

Auto-Answer on Room Intercom Calls
The more advanced Ennovah Controllers also feature hands-free Auto-Answer on certain room-to-room intercom calls. This capability requires the use of a dedicated Auto-Answer Speaker set. That device makes possible direct and immediate release of the caller's voice off the built-in speaker while allowing the party being called to directly reply in a completely hands-free or touchless fashion from any location in the room. Comes very handy for infants' bedrooms, the handicapped, or wherever in the home an actual phone set on the phone line is not desirable. In addition, the Auto-Answer Speaker Set doubles up as a surveillance monitoring set. The Auto-Answer Speaker set requires a Controller with both a Voice Page port and a perimeter control port (i.e. Ennovah Q-26/DPC - Q-26/IP - Q-26/IPC). You may only have a maximum of 4 Auto-Answer Speaker sets installed on any one system.

Opt for the Ennovah system, opt for a great system with outstanding capabilities.


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Equipment Requirements
Controller              See Above
Expansion Cards   none
Audio Accessories See Above
Video Accessories none
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