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    Building a new Home or Remodeling 

Residential Construction Project
Wiring decisions and Intercom Selection

CAT 5 - 4 pair Cable
Good for almost every type of low voltage system.

A Tutorial covering Home Intercom Systems
Decide on low voltage wiring for phone and computer networking for your new or remodeling home before drywalling. A tutorial to help you make informed decisions.

How to Run Wires Inside
Learn how to run phone wires inside walls before drywalling and how to troubleshoot wiring problems. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Home Phone Wiring
Do's and dont's in home phone wiring.

More Home Intercom Systems
stroke For New Homes
For Home Improvement
Open Voice Intercom
Door Release Devices
Ultimatoll Demo
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Technical Support
  • Building and remodeling homes in relation to phones
  • Building new home and decisions to make for phones, intercom and doorbells
  • Construction projects and phones and intercom
  • Drilling out for switches and phone jacks
  • Dry walls and structured phone wiring
  • Drywalling for structured phone wiring
  • Drywalls and phones and intercoms
  • Electrical contractor installations for intercom and phone
  • Electrical contractor wiring
  • Electrical home wiring
  • Electrician installations: phone and intercom
  • House framing and electrical wiring in relation to telephone wiring
  • Home amenities and intercoms
  • Home automation based on telephones
  • Home building and intercom systems
  • Home building ideas for intercoms
  • Home building wiring tips
  • Home construction ideas for home intercoms
  • Home final framing and structured wiring
  • Home framer
  • Home framing and telephone intercom systems
  • Home framing back-out
  • Home remodeling with intercom installation
  • Home security wiring
  • Home technology and integration of systems
  • Home telephone jack
  • Home telephone wiring
  • Homebuilding and telephone- based door answering system
  • Homebuilding wiring for intercom, phone and doorbell
If you are looking for great tips on home phone wiring, wiring for intercom and wiring for computer networking in a home in construction or an existing home in remodeling, under any of the denominations listed at left or bottom, please click here for the best tutorial on residential wiring for home automation.

Quantometrix is the home of the largest selection of residential  indoor intercom systems. We have a model for every single type of intercom in use in the home except for the old wall-speaker type.

  • House framing and new construction
  • Intercom wiring in new home construction
  • Interior intercoms in new constructions
  • New home construction and intercom systems
  • New home framing and structured wiring for telephone intercom and door answering system
  • New home inside wiring
  • Pulling wire in new construction
  • Residential electrician in new construction
  • Residential/House electrical wiring 
  • Remodeling home
  • Remodeling the home
  • Remodeling old home
  • Remodeling existing home
  • Wall framing
  • Wiring inside dry walls


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