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When do you want to use a mini wireless video screen? It may be that in a commercial setting you have an attendant who will not be at his/her desk all the time but frequently moving around the premise, and you want the attendant to still be able to see and attend to arriving visitors at an entry door or gate. It may well be that in a residential setting, you want to be able to still keep an eye on a baby i.e. (or any other indoor location under watchful monitoring) even when you are out in the yard, spending time in your gazebo or simply gardening.

These are situations that are keenly resolved with a pocket-size wireless LCD screen when using our video entry systems, typically the Ennovah systems.

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The attendant who needs to attend to entry guests by communicating and granting access will also carry a portable handset. That way the attendant may use the handset as the mouth piece for conversing while keeping the guest under watch with the handheld video display screen (held in other hand). 

The homeowner who needs to attend to children in a playroom i.e., by not only listening to ambient sounds but with speech intervention as well when needed, will also conveniently carry a cordless handset. That way the homeowner may communicate with the room while keeping a watchful eye on children's activity as displayed by the portable video screen.

Keep in mind that if there is actually more surveillance cameras in the application, their footage will all be available to see on the mini wireless video display screen as well. If your video intercom system has the built-in automatic Sweeper, the camera views will continually revolve on the screen one after another. Else, you may put any particular camera on screen with the handset keypad, which is also feasible even with the Sweeper.

The wireless mini LCD video screen comes as a kit which includes a wireless video transmitter. The transmitter ties into one of the video output ports of the Controller and sits inside the Controller.




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