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    Video Door Entry Systems

 Door Entry Video Monitoring
Surface-mount Polished Brass Doorphone

From Doorphone with concealed  mini Cam to home TV set(s)

Video Entry Intercom Systems
The best Video Entry Intercom Systems in the market. Quality pictures, Black & White or color.  Use your standard TV sets as receivers, TFT LCD screens or computer screens.

Telephone Video Entry Systems
Video Entry Intercom Systems that may work either with dedicated video stations or with your existing household TV sets and telephone handsets, or the both.

Better Video Entry Intercom Systems
Compare feature by feature a telephone-TV-based Video Entry System against a dedicated proprietary video system. Clear advantages in flexibility and more cost-effective. 

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We specialize in Home and Building Video Entry systems under any of the denominations listed at left or bottom. Please click here or on the link above to enter the section of our site which provides related information as well as the products from our portfolio that deliver apartment building entry access services. 

Please note that our video entry intercom systems are telephone-based access control systems. They allow residents to use their existing handsets as intercom phones and their standard TV sets as video monitors. System can be used with one single dedicated monitoring TV set or all regular TV sets in household.

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