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 Parts Lists for Video Entry Applications

  Surface-mount Polished Brass Doorphone
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If you want a video door entry system with two or more video doorphone sets, follow parts list below:

  1. Several Doorphone sets (any set you please). Start at $59.95.

  2. Several Built-in Video Cameras within Doorphone sets. Choose camera according to desired chromatic picture (B&W or Color) and lighting condition of entrance as well (well lit during daytime and nighttime or dim lighting during daytime and nighttime). Start at $69.95.

  3. One Ennovah Controller. Any Ennovah Controller.  Start at $310.95.

  4. One DPX Expansion card. Start at $99.95.

  5. One VIP Expansion card. Start at $59.95.

  6. One Monitor. Any existing home TV set (with or without an RCA yellow jack in front or back) will do. Any computer with a video capture card will do. Or choose one monitor from our offering: flat LCD screen or mini B&W TV set. Start at $49.95.

Your complete package for a minimum of 2 entry doors starts at just $730.20.

This video door entry system will allow you to do any desired type of video of distribution. There are many different scenarios in terms of distribution to video displays. Some situations require composite video distribution, some others modulated video distribution, and yet some others the both. Choose your VIP card accordingly.

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Note: If you must use an Ennovah system for other required services and you only need video entry function for one door, the DPX card is not required. The VIP card will not be required either if only one single composite display screen is needed.


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