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Quad Splitter splits screen into 4 portions


Quad Splitter

Easy Multi-Camera Video Entry Systems
If you have more than one video doorphone station, putting on screen video footages from your cameras is quite easy. Just pick up the nearby telephone handset, punch in the code to access a particular entry doorphone or a particular camera, and the footage from that entry door or indoor location will be switched on screen. From there switching to other entry door pictures or indoor cameras is as simple as hitting 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Integrating Video Telephone Entry Systems
If you want all 4 pictures to be displayed on one single video screen you may connect a quad splitter to the system by simply splitting each line from the cameras into two feeds: one to run into the system Controller and the other into the quad splitter. The same splitting technique is used whenever you need to integrate our video entry systems with any other video surveillance system, or any video recording system or device. The quad splitter is unnecessary if you want to use your computer screen instead to display on one screen all 4 camera vies. See these computer-based DVR cards for your computer.

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