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    Video Door Entry Systems

 Door Entry Video Systems For Homes and Buildings
Surface-mount Polished Brass Doorphone

Video Doorphone
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Video Entry Panel for Small & Medium Size Buildings

Entry Panel
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Easy Video Entry Systems
Setting up a Video Entry System for home security or apartment building security is easy. Choose the correct entry station or stations for your application, choose the Controller for your application (may not be required),  and lastly decide what type of indoor sets you want for picture display from entry camera(s).

Integrated Systems
For an advanced application which also requires such features as premise-wide video surveillance with lots of cameras, simultaneous display of all cameras on one screen, real-time or time lapse video recording,  remote web monitoring, etc., see our Vizzio computerized Surveillance System. A building with entry point intercom system and with a parking lot to be surveilled is a good example of such system. Our other single-unit video door entry systems for homes will all seamlessly integrate with the Vizzio surveillance system or any other stand-alone or computer-based video surveillance system.

Simple One-Screen Video Entry Systems
For a simple one-screen video entry system for a home or an office, see the BelView system or the CelBel system which will offer video display either on a dedicated speaker Monitor or via your cell phone.  

Analog and IP Video Distributors
Video distributors are required as middleware for these one-to-many video entry systems in order to cast the image captured at the entry point to your display devices throughout the home or to the apartments in an apartment/office building or multi-unit complex. They can either be analog devices or IP routers making up a LAN. IP Distributors will connect the Entry Call Panel to the end viewing devices such as cellphones, even when they are away, as long as an internet connection is provided.

When choosing to display into an existing household TV, make sure that TV set carries a yellow RCA jack, or a Blue HD jack, or it is a smart TV with the ability to run Android App.

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Video Distributors

Handset Video Phone

Detached LCD Screen

Laptop convertible
or Desktop Computer


In default of the above, a standard TV will need a wired coax connection to the distributor, although a wireless link may be implemented with a receiver/transmitter set. A computer screen from a laptop, a tablet/laptop convertible or a standard desktop computer will readily display camera footage via the provided software interface thru their LAN wired or WiFi network connection.

Building Video Entry Systems with Auto-Dial
To cost-effectively add video monitoring capability to existing Telephone Entry systems of the Quantometrix brand, simply add the built-in camera to your Panel and the IP Distributor. This quickly makes up a system able to display in residents's cellphones  in an expeditious manner, providing audio-video communication with door release capabilities.

Enhance Video Security even for Doorbells
Our Building Entry systems, whether their are multi-unit doorbell systems or entry intercom systems offer a variety of solutions as far as video monitoring is concerned. The Flexus Systems and some versions of the BellGuard systems which provide audio screening and door release capability with dedicated indoor devices will provide as well on an optional basis video monitoring such as described here via resident's cell phones. In that manner tenants can see at any time, on the cellphone who is requesting attention, and decide whether or not they want to further pursue or ignore the inquiry. Other versions of the BellGuard systems and the BelPanel systems, which are strictly multi-unit doorbell systems, may be equipped as well to provide video monitoring as an additional security screening feature in the manner hereby described. With no requirement of running wires (wireless doorbell and wireless video), these solutions are quickly and very cost-effectively implemented.


A quick tutorial on how to setup a video telephone entry system in a home.

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