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    Keyless Access Control with Keypad or Keychain Remote

Keyless Ingress by Home Residents & Special Visitors


Keypad Entry
Access  Panel

Access Control

Ennovah Q-26 Series

If you are looking for a complementary keyless access control solution for your entry door or gate, you may either install a Keypad Entry Access Panel, an Access Control Keypad or a Keychain Remote mini Controller as security additions to your main system.  

Security Access Keypads are intended to be mainly used by property residents in order to ingress into the property in a keyless fashion, whether the security keypad is embedded into a Entry Access Panel or stands as a stand-alone piece. These instruments also respond to the need for granting off-premise personnel (i.e. postman, florist, etc.) access to these high-end homes or commercial offices while homeowner, family members or business owners are away. The owner does so by assigning these professionals an entry security code, permanent or temporary.

The stand-alone Access Control Keypad is the standard small  single-gang size. The Entry Access Panel requires a larger rough-in hole: double-gang size approximately. The Keypad provides up to 1000 user codes or passwords each made up of up to 9 digits. You may assign a password to each user. If a certain service personnel regularly visits the property, you may assign them a password as well as explained above. 

The authorized user punches in the password on the security Keypad and the device sends an open signal to the attached doorstrike. Passwords can be erased changed as need arises. This keyless access Keypad features a 10 Amps relay, error key lockout, easy-to-use front programming and protection of programmed data against power failure with non-volatile memory. 

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Keychain Remote




The homeowner may choose to have wireless keychain remotes installed as a complement to the wired security keypad devices or as an alternative to them. Keep in mind that if you want to share access with off-premise visitors, keypads are a better fit. The wireless remotes are given to home residents so they may grant themselves access into the home by simply pressing a button on the device. Up to 7 household members may each have their own keychain remote. These wireless security remotes are best used in gate applications. Keychain remote transmissions are encrypted to afford the highest level of security. One remote is able to control up to 6 different entrance doors. Note that both Access Keypad and Keychain remotes may be enabled on a single door: i.e. keypad for service personnel to use and keychain remotes for home residents's use.

These security access control devices work with your system whether you have single-unit doorphones at your entrances or a multi-unit (multi-button) Panel in a duplex-home application, town-house or home-community applications. For stand-alone access control systems, see these products.

Great keyless access control solutions at a very affordable price!

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Equipment Requirements
Controller              Q-26/DX - DXC - DP - DPC - IP - IPC
Expansion Cards   Any DPX card if  > 1 door
Audio Accessories Entry Access Panel (optional)
Video Accessories none
Other Accessories Keypad(s) - Keychain Remote(s)



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