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    Security Door Release Devices

Door Release Accessories for Building Entry Systems


 Premium Access Keypad

Brass Access Keypad


Access Control Keypad

Keyless entry security solution for all Entry Access Panels. Supports up to
1000 users, each with their own password set. Security passwords can be set with up to 6 digits, that is 1 million different combinations to choose from. This premium keyless access keypad is a surface-mount unit and installs next to the entry Panel or any other fitting entrance area. It wires directly to the entry access Panels and controls the doorstrike through the Entry Access Panel itself. This security keyless access keypad is also powered by the Entry Access Panel. High gauge steel for heavy duty. Illuminated buttons in steel.

A more basic unit is also available per picture at the left.  Residents punch in a code to release the door strike. In brass coating for decorative match.

These keyless keypad device uses non-volatile memory to store user passwords, providing memory retention even after a power failure.

Stainless Steel faceplate  
Size of Faceplate: 2.75 in. W x 4.5 in H.

ACK-1000...............Stainless Steel Pad
ACK-PB..................Polished Brass Pad

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Doorstrikes      Mortise Latch


Security Buzz-in Electric Door Strike

Top quality Stainless Steel face or Polished Brass face. Directly powered by Entry Access Panel with straightforward single pair wirerun. For wooden or metal door - 1 9/16 in. deep. Requires a mortise latch from the lock at the door as per picture at left. Reliable door security buzzer that have been in the market for over 20 years.
Requires 16VAC @ 0.5A
Also available mini versions of these security doorstrikes as shown here.

DST-14C: Door Strike with Chrome face
DST-14B: Door Strike with Brass face




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