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    Remote Door Access Control for Your Entry Door Lock

 Keyless Ingress or Remote Access Control 

Door strike


With Existing 
Door Knob

For All Systems with Door Release Capacity

Get remote control of your entry door lock without having to change your existing lock or your existing doorknobs! This electric door strike works with any regular door knob to provide sound door access security. You only need to fix the electric doorstrike at the side jamb (frame) of the door within a cut. Attach the two wires coming out of the electric doorstrike device to the doorstrike port of your intercom system or of your keyless door entry keypad in order to complete the installation.

This electric door strike requires no special door knob or lock. And you get full access flexibility. As usual, you'll be able to open your door from inside by just turning the knob or from outside with your knob keys (house keys) or from the keyless entry keypad if you have one. The inside knob will always allow egress as usual simply by turning it.

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A great door security solution that allows you to keep your elegant brass doorknob while adding electronic remote control to your front door with the use of an electric doorstrike. In addition, with some of our Telephone Intercom Systems, you'll also be able to remotely open the door from any touch tone phone or cell phone by hitting a button on the telephone keypad, whenever somebody is at your entry door ringing your doorbell.

This all-purpose electric door strike will work whether your door opens from the left hand side or the right hand side of the frame. Install strike top-down for right side opening door and make sure both the strike's latch and the lock's latch coincide. This strike is fail secure: in case of power failure, the door remains locked preventing intruders from breaking in. Yet in an emergency situation, residents can exit the location simply by turning the knob open from inside.

This strike carries a 1.12 in x 5.75 in polished brass plate or stainless steel pate and the body size is  0.85 x 1.45 x 3.50 in, small enough to fit most doors. 

A simple easy-to-install access security device that gives your entry door professional access control and the comfort you deserve when letting guests in. At a cost any budget can afford!

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