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The OmniCom Multi-Unit Entry System can fully make up for a wireless entry system by saving you from having to run wires for the system itself while saving you a monthly phone bill for the use of a dedicated phone line. This system can tie into the telephone wiring in your utility room so that you don't have to run wires specifically for the system itself.

Once the Controller is located in the utility room right next to the telephone block, it is just a matter of cross-connecting it to every one the phone lines in the block with short jumper wiring. This makes it a wirefree installation which gives you the full convenience of the wireless without the shortcomings associated with the wireless.

What about the Entry Panel that goes at the door itself, you ask. That is the only part that will require some stretch of wiring. But generally the entry point and the utility room are contiguous to one another. That makes the required wired connection between the Entry Panel and the Controller a stretch of just a few feet of wires. Simple and easy. There are even cases sometimes where the Controller stands at the back of the same wall that holds the Entry Panel on its exterior face, in a back to back fashion.

This arrangement gives you the best of the wired world and the wireless world. Very low cost installation as associated with wireless products in general, because of the very minimal work and material that is involved.  And a very reliable system that will perform day in and day out as required for such systems, which the wireless is knowingly unable to deliver.

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Effectively, the access control business, whether for a residential building or an office building, comes to be an application that requires a high level of reliability. Guests are not always those who might come back some other time. Deliveries that require a signature such as a judicial notice, or others that residents are expressly waiting for because of their criticality, must find means of proper notification on the spot. As prone to interference of all kinds as the wireless is, it is not able to optimally and dependably secure such kinds of service. Unhappy tenants move out, which you want to avoid as a building owner!

The arrangement explained above can always be used in any building. It does not require the tenants' phone lines to actually have dial tone or telephone service. The resident's line can be completely vacant. What the system needs is only the presence of the physical wire to tie into.

What if the building's phone lines are defective or malfunctioning, you say. Well, you can have a dedicated service line for the Controller instead, a phone line that you get from the local phone company just for your door entry service. That single line will be tied to the Controller in a snap. With that arrangement the Controller will channel the calls to every tenant to their pre-registered phone number in the system. That way from their cell phones they will communicate with their guests and eventually hit a key on the phone to grant access if they so desire. You should be aware though that this arrangement, unlike the previous one discussed, entails a monthly fee from the local phone company for that subscriber line, as they do for any subscriber line.

You use the above arrangement if for any reason you absolutely must have a wireless system that can reach residents cellphones, instead of landline phones, or if you must have video capability as well for screening guests on smartphone displays. You must however provide WiFi connectivity or a LAN connectivity with internet access, generally available thru the Admistrative office, to carry out the service. Residents will be able to communicate via audio-video exchange with entry guests whether they are at home or away, as long as their smartphones are under cellular coverage. Simultaneous audio-video exchange will depend on the smartphone platform, generally available with Android phones. With other platforms, may be one channel at a time.

The built-in video capability of the System is able to integrate with our Video Surveillance Systems for monitoring a whole array of standalone cameras throughout the property, i.e. surveillance cameras in a parking area.

For a flexible wire-free or wireless system for entry access control of your multi-unit building, this system will deliver on every bit of expectation and demand. Over 12 years in the market!


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