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Telephone Auto-Dialer vs. Telephone Hardwired Entry System

For building entry intercom applications, three types of systems are available for most projects: the old-fashion stand-alone system, the telephone auto-dialer system (seldom presented as a phone-bill system) and the telephone hardwired system (also called no-phone-bill system).

Old-fashion stand-alone systems require dedicated wiring inside the premise and special indoor stations. They generally offer no more than one indoor station (in kitchen) for resident's use. Audio quality in these older systems is knowingly poor and restricting in the form of intercom offered. (For an exact replacement with a better quality system see our Flexus System here.)

Conventional Auto-dialer entry systems require a dedicated phone line from the local phone company. When visitors call an apartment from the outside panel, they are in fact reaching that unit thru a regular phone call to that resident's phone number. Weakness here is that if a resident gets his/her phone service discontinued or in disrepair or is otherwise unreachable at any time, or if he/she simply does not have any phone service at all for any reason, the unit will be left without entry access communication service as well.

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The possibility of only one resident with no permanent phone service at any point in time makes the whole auto-dialer entry system a difficult choice for this sort of application. One ought to keep in mind, that no matter how apparently popular, with an auto-dialer entry system, availability of entry access services in a private building becomes totally dependent on the quality level and continued availability of phone services from the public local phone company.

What's more, the use of a dedicated phone line by auto-dial entry systems inconveniently brings additional charges to condominium monthly bills since the condominium is billed by the local phone company for the use of the dedicated phone line. Phone companies consider these lines as business lines and bill them accordingly on a per call basis, a bill that can be fairly high if the condominium community has frequent visitors. Where entry access control is required for a second or third entry door, these extra panels might additionally need individual phone lines, increasing the line usage bill. Where they do not, simultaneous door entry calls at the various entrances, which do occur, cannot be processed, simply because there is only one phone line to convey all these calls. In any of these cases the use of a dedicated phone line makes auto-dial systems directly vulnerable to all manners of call frauds (long distance and 900). 

Further, it is not rare nowadays to find in many buildings tenants with no regular phone service but only cellular phone service. Since the phone companies bill wireless calls both to the caller and to the subscriber who receives the call, the toll from wireless calls generated by the auto-dial entry system can be quite harsh both on the condominium and on individual tenants with cell phone service as their basic phone service. See how our hybrid systems work.

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