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    OmniCom 64 Apartment Telephone Intercom  Systems 

How long has the Omnicom product been available?

The Omnicom 64 Entry System has been in the marketplace now for over 5 years. It is a very stable and reliable product.

Where is the product manufactured?

This product is manufactured in USA, in the Northeast.

Is the product available through distributors or only through Quantometrix directly?

The OmniCom product is available thru Quantometrix and authorized contractors.

Do I need special wiring knowledge to install this system?

This product is conceived as a wired system that is especially easy to install and maintain by any electrician, any low voltage system contractor. While wiring experience with telecom systems might help, you will find it a simplistic job to install this product whatever your technical background is as a contractor. If you need a contractor for your job see this resource to identify a contractor.

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