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OmniCom MPU Controller (Up to 23 Suites per Unit)


The OmniCom Entry System is a hybrid telephone entry system that is conveniently able to operate both as a hardwired telephone entry system intercepting residents' telephone lines and as an auto-dial entry system which will reach the residents' phones via calls over the public telephone network.

The OmniCom Telephone Entry System offers an unmatched variety of classes of service so building administrators may choose the right set of access services for their residents with budget and/or convenience in mind. 

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This Apartment Building Intercom System gives the building owner/administrator the ability to deliver the exact cost/functionality ratio required for each resident. At the same time it affords the building owner the ability to accommodate any physical building condition, wiring situation and telephone service requirements when delivering access control services for the building.

Four major classes of service are available to all residents with the OmniCom Apartment Intercom Systems. Each service class is unique and may be chosen for any resident without restriction in a system. Cost, physical and wiring conditions as well as type of telephone service are the factors that determine the choice of a class of service for a particular resident. Below is a detailed description of each class of service.

Line-Intercept Class of Service
For tenants with an existing dial-tone phone line. So entry access services may be handled from their dial-tone phone sets over  their own phone lines, instead of a dedicated telephone line. This class of service is supported by an IPC type of interface card within the MPU (Master Processing Unit).

Stand-Alone Intercom Class of Service
For suites with the physical telephone wirelines but with no dial tone service from the local phone company. So tenants may use one or more phone sets on the dead line to access entry services. This class of service is supported by an IPC type of interface card within the MPU.

Common-Line Auto-Dial Service Class
For suites without a conventional landline, or suites that may not have any physical telephone wirelines across the building into the suite at all. Residents are assumed to only have cell phone service for telephone or special dial tone delivered from within their units to their wired phones, i.e a cable box. One common service telephone line is provided at such effect for all residents with that class of access service. All guests' entry calls are channeled to the residents' phones via the service line.

This class of service is also for suites with an actual phone line. It then conveniently puts the resident within reach of guests whether he/she is at home, or away from home. Door entry calls are directed to the home phones on the line or to any other phone number the resident forwards calls to his home number to, including cell phone numbers (forwarding service by telephone service provider). One dedicated service telephone line is required for all residents assigned to that class of service.

This class of service incur costs to be supported by the condominium. More than one service line may be used for different groups of residents if the administrator so desires.  The Common-Line Auto-Dial class of service is supported by one ADC type of interface card within the MPU for each resident.

Private-Line Auto-Dial Service Class
In that class of service the OmniCom Telephone Intercom System is directly set to call the resident's cell phone to channel guests' entry calls by using the resident's own land line as a means for the call. If the resident's phone line is busy at the time of the call, he/she will perceive warning tones while the system connects the call to the land line in use. The resident may summarily accept or reject the entry system's call. This class of service is supported by an ADC type of interface card within the MPU.

This class of service makes the resident directly and solely responsible for costs of calls to his/her suite generated by the entry system since his/her land line is used as a means for the call and his/her cell phone is used as the target for the call. Further this class of service conveniently puts the resident within reach of guests at all times: whether he/she is at home or far away from home.

Both types of Auto-Dial classes of service are directly selectable at the flip of a switch within the MPU Controller of the Telephone Entry System. Both types of Auto-Dial classes of service are currently with all types of available Entry Panels.


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