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OmniCom Telephone Entry System


OmniCom MPU Controller (Up to 23 Suites per Unit)


Give your potential apartment homebuyers or tenants keen door entry security, outstanding telephone entry intercom service and even door entry video surveillance without disrupting their dial-up internet or high speed internet (one of which they sure use). With the OmniCom Telephone Intercom systems, you can set:

  • Entry access security control and intercom from any location in the apartment or office unit with existing phone sets and with no monthly phone line rental fee if you so desire. Or to their cell phone via a common service line if you so prefer.
  • Quick and easy install without running inside wiring by using phone wirelines without degrading their internet performance (dial-up or broadband).
  • Any number of partitions in multiplex buildings with independent sections or groups of apartments having each their own entry doors! 
  • Any amount of Entry Access Panels as might be required without any limitation.
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Following is the feature list for the OmniCom entry system. 13 Outstanding Features. Please click on a link below to review particular feature or here for an overview.
1.- Wireless or Wirefree System Requiring No Dedicated Wiring
2.- Building Entry System with Flexible Configuration
3.- Partitionable Entry System for Multiple Entrance/Quarter Groups
4.- Unlimited Amount of Entry Access Panels
5.- Easy Layman Install
Vandal-Resistant Construction
Built-in Security Features 
8.- 100% Compatible with Internet Use of Phone Lines by Residents
9.- Telephone Entry System Transparent to Telephone Service Provider
10.- Low-Cost Maintenance or Zero Maintenance
11.- Telephone Entry System with Video Monitoring
12.- Stand-alone Hardwired Telephone Entry System
13.- Elevator Control Extensions
14.- A host of premium services per integration with Home Controllers on a Per-Unit Basis


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