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    Standard Doorphone Intercom Systems

 Wireless & Wired - Stand-Alone or Integration with Analog Phones or IP Phones & Phone Systems - For Residential and Commercial  Applications 

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Belview Qx-11

BelView Qx-11

Back view
2.5" Monitor

Touch Video Monitor for Flexus FLP-12V

7" Wireless Monitor

Standard & Hybrid

Keychain Remote Optional Wireless Keychain Remote


BelViewTM Qx-11
All-Wireless Door Entry Video Answering System w. Access Control

Wireless door intercom system with a 3.5" video screen or 7" video screen. Basic version is a one-to-one Doorphone system. Monitor may be anchored on a desk top or fixed on the wall,  powered by an Adaptor or USB powered. Monitor with Backup battery, so you can freely move it around as desired.

A.- Wide Coverage Area

With about 1500 ft line-of-sight range from the doorphone station to the monitor, BelViewTM gives you one of the best long-range wireless stand-alone video entry monitoring available.

B.- Keen Reliability

For best reliability the Doorphone station is powered by an Adaptor but supported by a rechargeable battery. Adaptor is permanently inline and constantly powers the doorphone station, while the battery provides backup in such events as outages. 

C.- Night Vision Camera

Color video during daytime and black & white at night from infrared night-vision camera. Camera viewing angle: 65 degrees. Minimum illumination: 1 Lux. Video screen resolution: 380 Lines.  

D.- Door Release Control

With door release control and optional keychain door control remote. Keep in mind that the door control device, i.e. doorstrike, deadbolt or electromagnet, must be wired into this system. The nature of a door control device such as the ones mentioned above makes it a necessarily wired device. In addition supplying line AC power to your door release device thru a transformer instead of a battery of any kind gives a layer of reliability and enhanced security to your installation. (If your battery were to discharge and die out while you were away on vacation, your entry door would be compromised at come back). Nevertheless wiring to the door release device may well be kept to strict minimum by placing the Door Opener module and the Adapter as close as possible to the entry point.

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Technical Support

See here the other access control systems that BelView seamlessly integrates with, such as the UniPort Door Access System.

E.- Expandable System

The BelViewTM system may expand to more video monitors at your convenience. Simply bring one in and register it with the system. Size of Doorphone station: 5" H x 3.7" W x 1" D. Doorphone station weatherproof and with elegant aluminum faceplate.

F.- Home-Based Technical Support

Full home-based technical support if need be at installation time and further down the road. We are just a phone call away from you, we speak your language and will solve your problem right there, right here. No remote inexpert customer service rep or unknowledgeable operator in the far away sunset speaking his own language or unable to provide resolute instructions. We take your phone call and solve your problem, any time!

Pricing for BelViewTM

Qx-11B Doorphone System (Doorphone + 2.5" Monitor + Battery + Adaptor)..........................$189.95 only! 
Qx-11P Doorphone System (Doorphone + 7" Monitor + Battery + Adaptor)............................$279.95 only! 
Wireless Keychain Remote....................................................................................................$39.95  only! 
Extra 2.5" Monitor.......................................................................................................................$75.95  only! 
Extra 7" Monitor..........................................................................................................................$159.95 only! 

Qx-11B-DST (incl. 2.5" Monitor + Door Release Control + Standard Doorstrike + Transformer).............$249.95 only! 
Qx-11B-HDT (incl. 2.5" Monitor + Door Release Control + Hybrid Doorstrike + Transformer)................$269.95 only! 
Qx-11P-DST (incl. 7" Monitor + Door Release Control + Standard Doorstrike + Transformer)................$429.95 only! 
Qx-11P-HDT (incl. 7" Monitor + Door Release Control + Hybrid Doorstrike + Transformer)...................$449.95 only! 

*  Standard Doorstrike is for locks with standard mortise latch. Hybrid Doorstrike is for locks with hybrid type of mortise latches as shown below.

Standard & Hybrid Mortise Latches   -   See here other types of latches.




PhoneBell Q-10s

PhoneBell Q-10d

PhoneBell Q-10d

PhoneBell Q-10dL


PhoneBell Q-10i

PhoneBell Q-10i


Surface-mount Stainless Steel Doorphone


Analog Handset

IP Phone

IPB-1o Bridge

Standard Doorstrike    Hybrid Doorstrike
Standard & Hybrid


Keypad Entry Access Panel EAP-6K

Entry Access Panel


PhoneBellTM Q-10d / Q-10dL / Q-10i
Dual Phone/Stand-Alone Door Intercom System - Audio-only
Simple door answering from an inside handset into an outside speaker. For use either as a stand-alone system or in interaction with your phones or phone system, whether analog or IP phones or phone system.

A.- Simple Stand-Alone Front Door Intercom System

As a stand-alone system, easy install by directly plugging the handset into the Q-10 controller box (sitting on floor or fixed on nearby wall) and bringing a two-wire line from Doorphone at the door into the controller box. Rack of jacks available on the box for plugging in. PhoneBell boxes feature a friendly miniature size so they may be directly fixed on a wall where space is at a premium or inside a standard structured wiring cabinet. Pretty shallow box that will fit in most structured wiring cabinets or protective housing.

B.- Convenient Front Door Intercom with Your Existing Landline Phones

When using with your landline phones, neat and clean installation that will not require any wiring thru your walls. With the beauty that your in-service phones or phone system also take your door entry calls. In that case, you sit the Q-10 controller box in the utility room at the headend of the incoming landline and set it in-line with that phone line: in many cases a simple plug-in operation with a phone cord.

Note that the PhoneBell system does not require an actual active landline with dial tone service on it in order to deliver front door intercom. It will work equally well on a permanently vacant line or landline with temporarily interrupted service. So if you want to do a standalone intercom on your otherwise vacant phone jacks or with standard phone sets of any kind in the home or your small office, PhoneBell is a perfect choice because it will save you or your contractor from running dedicated wires.

C.- Full Compatibility with Broadband Internet on your Phone Line

PhoneBell plays hard when you have one single land phone line for everything phone call and internet, like a DSL line. It will directly intercept your two-wire landline with no degradation of your DSL broadband service. Furthermore, PhoneBell perfectly works on your line whether it is provided by a cable service box from your cable company or a fiber optics box by your local telephone company.

D.- Front Door Intercom for Your SIP Phones and Phone System

With an IP telephone system, PhoneBell requires our IPB-1o Bridge in order to connect to the IP hosted PBX or SIP network or Phone set. Requires as well some minor level of programming in order to complete the setup. Connects to the IP system via an Ethernet RJ-45 jack from the IP Bridge.

E.- Very Simple Operation with Distinctive Alert

When a guest hits the call button on the doorphone, it will cause every one of the connected phones to ring just as a regular phone call would. However it will be distinctive enough by the cadence so you know it is a door entry call and not a phone call. Furthermore, the distinctive ring cadence will be different for each of the two doors so you can distinguish the entry location the guest is at.

At the ringing sound, you pickup the call from any one of the connected phones to converse in a natural two-way communication with the guest. No yelling off your lungs into an otherwise displaced speaker microphone to get heard! Simply hit [*] on the phone if you want to grant access (Q-10dL and Q10i). On that same single keystroke, PhoneBell is smart enough to release the correct door in a two-door system.

F.- Complementary Chime Alert

In the event of being busy on the phone, all PhoneBell controllers will give you a call waiting tone at the handset by the system for an alert. But PhoneBell Q-10dL and Q-10i specially offer a Doorbell Chime port to ring a standard door chime box or a bell in addition to ringing your phones on door entry calls. If you are tied up on the phone call and wish not to get the door entry call at the moment, someone else in the home or office may then get the door because they will hear the chime alert signal.

G.- Doorphones with Video Capability

All doorphones for this system may optionally house a mini color video camera to be displayed on on one or several video handsets or television sets. Alternatively use the doorbell chime port instead for video switcher to automatically flash guest's picture on TV screen.  For greater video capabilities see the Ennovah system below.

H.- Easy Inexpensive Expansion

Expand to a second doorphone set at any time with no extra cost except for that of the doorphone set itself. Just plug it in. PhoneBell covers your front, back or side entry doors with distinct ring for each. Expand to a second, third handset... any number of  handsets you want! Just add it up by expanding the extension line.

I.- Fit for Multi-Tenant Small Buildings with Multi-Unit Entry Panel

In special cases where in a small multi-tenant building residents only use phone lines provided by their cable service boxes or whenever the landlines are directly channeled into each suite without a common aggregation point (i.e. no utility room), a multi-suite system may be configured with several Q-10s boxes and a multi-suite Entry Access Panel as shown in illustration. For straight multi-unit building entry systems, please see our OmniCom, Flexus or BelPanel systems.

See features detail and applications. Download specifications for Q-10s here.
See features detail and applications for Q-10dLDownload specifications here.
See features detail and
applications for Q-10i. Download specifications here.
See a
parts list for a video entry application.
See a
parts list for a video entry application.
Choose a different doorphone station.

Technical Support Whenever Needed

Full home-based technical support at installation time if need be. Being just a phone call away, we speak your language and solve your problem right there, right here.


*  Q-10s does not include doorstrike controls. 
*  Q-10s does not include doorchime port. 
*  Doorchine box or bell not provided.
*  No outdoor sound monitoring or adhoc handset connection to doorphones.
*  Amount of handsets subject to REN limitation in analog environment.
*  Standard Doorstrike is for locks with standard mortise latch. Hybrid Doorstrike is for locks with hybrid type of mortise latches as shown below.

Standard Mortise Latch Hybrid Mortise Latch
Standard & Hybrid Mortise Latches
See here other types of latches.



Pricing for PhoneBell

Q-10d Controller Box (no door release ports - no chime port) .........................$109.95 only!   
Q-10dL Controller Box (one Door release port)...........................................$159.95 only!   
Q-10i Controller Box (all ports)..............................................................$189.95 only!   
IPB-1o Bridge.....................................................................................$89.95 only! 

Q-10d-PK1-FM-SS  (incl. Flush-mount Stainless Steel Doorphone)........................$168.95 only! 
Q-10d-PK1-SM-SS (incl. Surface-mount Stainless Steel Doorphone)......................$178.95 only! 
Q-10dL-PK1-FM-SS (incl. Flush-mount Stainless Steel Doorphone).......................$219.95 only! 
Q-10dL-PK1-SM-SS (incl. Surface-mount Stainless Steel Doorphone)....................$229.95 only! 
Q-10i-PK1-FM-SS (incl.  Flush-mount Stainless Steel Doorphones).........................$249.95 only! 
Q-10i-PK1-SM-SS (incl. Surface-mount Stainless Steel Doorphones)......................$259.95 only! 


      Want to know the difference between PhoneBell (above)
Ennovah Controllers (below)?

Ennovah Q-26/DX
IP Phone or
Standard landline Phone

Ennovah Q-26/DX


Ennovah Q-26/DXC

Ennovah Q-26/DXC


Wireless Handset

Keychain Remote
Wireless Keychain

Mini Mortise

IPB-1o Bridge

ATA Adaptor



EnnovahTM Q-26/DX and Q-26/DXC
Wired/Wireless Audio-Video Door Entry System

Heavy-duty Door Video Intercom system for high-end homes, institutional and commercial entities joining the best of all worlds for exceptional performance: Wired doorphone for outposting as far as 500 ft away or more on popular CAT5 wiring, wireless handset receiver. Operable with standard landline phones or  with IP telephone systems. Capacity for 4 doorphone stations or more. Able to handle a variety of door access control situations at entry points with varied types of door hardware. Enhanced performance to meet institutional, commercial and high-end residential requirements.

Q-26DXC offers full integration with TV's, computer-based NVR video surveillance and interfacing for door release devices and other peripherals such as alarm sensors for perimeter control, via a series of ports. Security monitoring services for home entrances/driveways with alert delivery directly to homeowner. Tremendous versatility that can accommodate virtually any demand in access control and monitoring functions.

Eight hours of mobile autonomy for handset, 3 hours of mobile autonomy for micro video monitor, and both with charging dockers. All-audio system or all-audio-video system as desired and per options below. Use either as a stand-alone system or in interaction with phones and phone line on premise, whether analog or IP-basedWith an IP telephone system, requires our IPB-1o Bridge in order to connect to the IP hosted PBX or SIP network or IP Phone set. A whole series of entry point doorphone stations or Entry Access Panels available to meet architectural and zoning requirements. Capability for duplex residence or office suite with 2-button Entry Panel.

Full domestic technical support if need be at installation time. Being just a phone call away, we speak your language and solve your problem right there, right here.

Quick Product Review Below    Detail Review  
Printable Feature List >>
Q-26/DX   Q-26/DXC

A.- Door Answering for Remote Gates/Long Driveway
Able to handle doorphone located at
500ft away with a standard twisted pair, or twice as far with double pair. Rings everyone of your telephones (when interacting with phone line) and also a  house chime box if you so choose.  Use system with any doorphone station of your choice as displayed in Doorphone Gallery.

B.- Capacity for 4 Doorphones or More
Capability to service a maximum of 4 entry doors with addition of optional DPX expansion cards. Optionally able to handle more doorphones with special units. Automatic connection of handset to calling doorphone upon call pickup. Door release of any entry with same single keystroke so you don't have to figure out which door is on the call (Q-26/DXC).

C.- Audio-Video Monitoring
From any corded or cordless handset you may connect at any time to an exterior doorphone station or an indoor room monitoring set for listening in or for displaying on screen video footage from those particular spots.

Cues you with chime and phone ring alerts when activity is detected at areas under video surveillance (requires motion sensor). With direct auto selection of camera view from particular area experiencing activity to the monitoring screens. Displays into regular household TV sets and/or separate LCD screens. Also displays on computer screen via IP option. Optional automatic sweeper that continually switches cameras and sound capture sets every 5 seconds. Upon door entry call automatic selection of relevant camera for screen display. Convenience of one single TV channel for all your door entry and indoor camera footage in full display. For different methods of handling your video see VIP expansion cards which are video processors. System easily integrates with other video processors: i.e. video recording system, quad processor, 8 or 16-camera multiplexer, web-based surveillance system, etc.

Available with optional built-in capability for IP video that will display on your smartphone and your tablets at the same time that your door entry video displays on domestic TV Sets and dedicated video monitors. Whether you want a stand-alone door entry system or a door system that is integrated with a larger multi-camera video surveillance system, we will be happy to design and quote a complete project application for you. We will give you a detailed project specification with parts list and pricing.

D.- Duplex Door Entry Control
With 2-Button Entry Panel system may service two homes or a duplex home with both sections sharing the same entrance. Also services duplex with separate entry doors for each section. Requires addition of an
IPC expansion card. System will then also handle any additional set of entry doors, up to 3 for primary residence and up to 2 for secondary residence. To incorporate more entry doors for second residence, use instead a second Controller of any kind for that residence. In that event both systems will still share the same access control station for the property, the 2-Button Entry Panel that is.

E.- Security Monitoring
One special alarm port provided for security monitoring.
If you set up a surveillance application, receive early alerts of presence of visitor (or intruder) on property i.e. with your house chime box going off or your telephones ringing in a distinctive fashion. You may also set a family member (under age or impaired) under surveillance and receive alerts of an untimely leave. In addition, anyone of the 4 doorphone ports can simultaneously be used with alarm sensors for security monitoring as well. Security function does not substitute but nicely complements a fee-based Surveillance System.

F.- Compatibility with DSL Phone Lines & IP Network
Intercepting your phone line so your door entry system integrates with your home or office telephones no longer causes any side problem. System fully compatible with DSL line on the standard twisted pair without affecting your internet. Compatible with your IP phones and phone system via the low-cost IPB-1o bridge, rings your IP phones for door entry communication and video display on your computer(s).

Description ends above for Q-26/DX

Additional Capabilities with Q-26DXC Controller

In addition to all of the above, the Q-26/DXC system offers the following extended functions.

  • Provides one door release port for either a doorstrike or a deadbolt device: the port supplies both normally open contacts (NO) and normally closed contacts (NC) in order to cover all types of doors or gates and all kinds of situations: i.e. failsafe locks, failsecure locks, swing-open and slide-open doors, double doors opening from frame center, gate with operator mechanism and the like. Door release ports expandable to a total of 5, hybrid doorphone communication ports expandable to 4.  One special release port among the 5 usable for an elevator or a second inside entry door set for just release control without communication.

    *  Standard Doorstrike is for locks with standard mortise latch. Hybrid Doorstrike is for locks with hybrid type of mortise latches as shown below.

    Standard & Hybrid Mortise Latches - See here other types of latches.

  • Automatic switching control for TFT LCD screens which may optionally be set to turn on upon call pickup and turn off upon hangup.
  • Optional Keyless entry access for home residents or selected off-premise personnel with Access Control Keypad or encrypted Keychain Radio Remotes. Keypad and doorphone integrated in one piece or as separate pieces. Punch in a password on Keypad or hit button on Keychain Remote to release entry door or gate from outside. System allows an Access Control Keypad at each of 5 possible entrances. Keychain remote with a total of 6 distinct button controls.
  • A suite of built-in power supplies to directly feed perimeter access control devices as well as indoor surveillance cameras and screens. Available supplies of 12VDC, 24VDC and 18VAC, DC supplies all regulated, all supplies with resettable protective fuses.
  • A Variety of Entry Access Control Sub-Functions. Beyond keyless access, scheduled automated ingress/egress, to delayed or extended signals to multiple visual/sound announcers, etc.  Exercise scheduled ingress/egress control with any universal low-cost Timer for a maximum of 2 entry doors. An entry door may so be set to remain freely open or unlocked at desired hours of day or desired days of week and revert to access permission at other times of day or other days of week. Or keep the door constantly locked up and with a handy mural pushbutton release to guest or customer you can visually screen thru the glass window. Tie to buzzers for any kind of visual or sound announcer with our signal kits and devices. For you specific needs, simply give us a call for a handy solution and a quote.

 And more...


Package Pricing

Q-26/DX Package
Download all specifications (pdf). See feature set and applications. See a parts list for a video entry application. Choose a doorphone station. See included expansion cards. See accessories. Choose a doorphone station.
Package includes: 

- (1) Q-26/DX Telephone Integration Controller -  Size: W 11 in x H 12 in x D 3.5 in.
-  (1) Wireless Handset
-  (1) Doorphone Station

- (1) Built-in Video for TV & LCD Screen Monitoring
- (1) Built-in VIP Expansion Slot and 7 video Ports
- (1) Built-in Duplex Interface Slot
- (1) Built-in Doorchime Port
- (1) Built-in 12VDC Power Supply
- (1) Built-in Doorphone Interface Slot and Ports
- (1) RJ45 Patch Cord for Multi-Doorphone system
- (1) Set of Instruction Materials and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty

$389.95 only! 

Q-26/DXC Package
Download all specifications (pdf). See feature set and applications. See a parts list for a video entry application. Choose a doorphone station. See included expansion cards. See accessories. Choose a doorphone station.
Package includes:

- (1) Q-26/DXC Telephone Integration Controller -  Size: W 11 in x H 12 in x D 3.5 in.
- (1) Wireless Handset
- (1) Doorphone Station
- (1) Keychain Remote
- (1) Mini Doorstrike

- (1) Built-in Video for IP & Analog (TV - LCD Screen)
- (1) VIP-4C Video Processor Card
- (1) Built-in Video Trigger Port (switches screen display on and off)
- (1) Built-in Duplex Interface Slot
- (1) Built-in Doorchime Port
- (1) Built-in Doorstrike Port
- (3) Built-in Power Supplies: 12VDC, 24VDC, 18VAC
- (1) 12VDC Adaptor for Video Doorphone when ordered
- (1) Built-in Doorphone Interface Slot with 4 Ports
- (1) RJ45 Patch Cord for Multi-Doorphone system
- (1) Set of Instruction Materials and Owner's Manual
- (1) Year Warranty

$489.95 only! 


Although the basic Q-26/DXC Controller provides release control for one entry door, an added DPX expansion card is required whenever an orphan release control is required as an extra, i.e. for elevator dispatch, release of an extra exit/entry door with no call function.

--- Other Premium Ennovah
Door Entry Systems


Technical Support Whenever Needed

Full home-based technical support at installation time if need be. Being just a phone call away, we speak your language and solve your problem right there, right here. No remote unknowledgeable operator in the far away sunset speaking his own language!



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