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Surface-mount Polished Brass Doorphone

With a choice of surface-mount and yet elegant metal-faceplate Doorphones, direct intercept of your home phone line with full internet pass-thru for your computer modem (56K or DSL), PhoneBell is a capable door entry buzzer system for improving your home and bringing more security to your life in these troubled times. 

In addition to the door buzzer port, a doorbell port is built into most of these Controllers because you don't have to trade between the nice musical notes of your existing door chime and the convenience of ring alerts by your phone sets throughout the home.

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A Controller so small you can hold it in the palm of your hand. That spells user-friendliness because you only need common sense to install it and a very strict minimum of connections and wire runs. The most sober hardwired mini door buzzer system you'll ever find for everything door intercom, remote door buzzer release and even video monitoring control. A compact and true all-in-one door entry security system.

Although this door buzzer system has been primarily designed for home improvement projects, there is no impediment to select it for a new home project, if you find the feature set convenient to your project.

Below is a list of PhoneBell no-nonsense features to learn more about this outstanding home improvement commodity. Please click on desired link to review feature.

Below is a list of special features that are unavailable in PhoneBell systems but only Ennovah systems:




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