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    Multi-Dwelling Door Buzzer Systems

 Parts Lists for Duplex Application






If you want a Door Buzzer System for a duplex dwelling, follow parts list below. Whether the dwelling is a home with a separate apartment, i.e. an in-law section, or a property with two separate homes, i.e. a front and a back home, it makes no difference as long as they share one common entrance.

  1. One or several Entry Access Panels (any Panel you please). Start at $259.95. Each possible common entrance may have own Panel.

  2. One Ennovah Controller. The specific Controller depends on your choice of associated functionalities, i.e. if you also want phone-to-phone intercom inside one of the homes. Start at $310.95.

  3. One IPC Expansion Card. Will provide interfacing for the second home thereby creating a total of two partitions. Priced at $89.95

  4. One or Several Doorstrikes. Element that provides remote control of the entrance doorlock. Start at  $65.95. Not needed if you have a motorized gate at the entrance.

Your complete package starts at just $726.80.


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If you want to add video surveillance capability to your duplex door buzzer application, then add these parts:


modulat.jpg (4554 bytes)


  1. One Built-in Camera within Entry Access Panel. Choose camera according to desired chromatic picture (B&W or Color) and lighting condition of entrance as well (well lit during daytime and nightime or dim lighting during daytime and nightime). Start at $69.95. Camera line plugs direct into any one TV set with a yellow RCA jack in each home.

  2. One RF Modulator or no Modulator. No modulator if you are going to run coax line to the viewing location in each home. Need modulator if you intend to use exisiting coax line feeding existing TV sets that are on cable programming or satellite dish. Start at $84.95.

  3. Monitors. Your existing home TV sets. You save on monitors. Or dedicated screens. Screens start at $49.95.

Add a minimum of just $69.95

Want something more affordable? See PhoneBell systems. Have a more complex situation rather? See this configuration or call us at 800-766-0266. We can do any configuration you require. Cost-effectively!



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