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The Qx-9 is a commercial door announcer especially designed for business, institutional and industrial settings. If you are looking for a standard house doorbell, this is not the right product for you. If your application amounts to pushing a button to get an inside signal as with a house doorbell, with no other requirement beyond that, then a house doorbell is probably the right product for you, despite the fact that your setting might be different than domestic. This is a specialty commercial doorbell system.

One of the distinguishing features of the Qx-9 Announcer is that it incorporates a timer, which is adjustable from 1second  to 60 seconds. The persistent and strident sound released by this commercial Doorbell System, unlike the typical Dong of a standard doorbell, will help overcome other acoustic challenges that might be present in your business setting, like a noisy shop. This commercial-grade announcer system takes the duration of the interior signal off the finger tips of your guest or client and allows you to set it to what is suitable for your business operation.

You have the choice of the type of signal that you desire as well. You may choose between a repetitive Beep Beep, a chirp pitch, or a siren-like strident and piercing sound, and even a soft warble-tone. For lighting you also have the choice of strobe lights of different colors, i.e. amber, green, etc.

See below a list of features showcased by this commercial doorbell system which will provide further details on the requirements as well as its specific operation.

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Technical Support

Following is a list of features supported by the Qx-9 BelAnnouncer system. 

1.- Simple Installation by any Electrician
2.- Variety of Sound and Light Signals

3.- Guest-Triggered Annunciator
4.- Optional Wireless Connections


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