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If  you want to implement an ingress-triggered Announcer with the Qx-9 Module, suffice it to substitute the exterior pushbutton with a magnetic sensor to be mounted at the top of the entry door. In fact you can have the both as part of the system, each mounted at a distinct entry door.

When the magnetic sensor engages, the Qx-9 Annunciator will activate the output signals for the duration that is preset by the internal timer (adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds). If the sensor is still engaged (i.e. door held open) by the time that the timer would expire, then the output will remain active until the sensor disengages. For critical applications set the timer for the exactly adequate timeframe that will give you the expected results.

If you further want to selectivley give employees the means to bypass the annunciator, you simply need to use a second Qx-9 Module in the entry access area. The Qx-9 Module is readily configurable for that sort of implementation and provides a front panel keylock to kickoff the signal bypass. That second Qx-9 Module must be mounted at hand level for proper use.

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If you would prefer to have an industrial-looking metal keylock plate for that function, that is also available, as shown above. Be sure to determine whether your application is better served by a magnetic sensor instead of a motion sensor. If it is an entry door where people are not going to go thru right away but will or may spend some time at the access area for one reason or another before they decide to come on in (i.e. dog clinics), AND you would like to be notified as soon as there is human presence at that entry area (instead of when they cross the door), then you are better served by a motion sensor for sure. The motion sensor device incorporates other internal controls to allow you to fine tune the detection so you can reach the best level of performance for your application overall.

Finally for a walk-in type of announcer system such as the ones appropriate for a store or a service establishment, use the beam detector sensor which provides a beam of invisible light that triggers the announcer when cut thru by a walking customer.


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