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Looking for wireless building entry system that saves you from running inside wiring? No problem. This system will tie into the existing telephone wiring in your building's utility room at the lobby level and takes advantage of existing telephone wiring and telephone sets in the units for no-phone-bill service. So no running wires. Even when there is no telephone service in a unit (only using cell phone), the resident may enjoy the service just from a spare phone on the vacant line! Of course intercom service from smartphones as well, with video as desired. Read on more...>>


OmniComTM Apartment Intercom Systems




MPU's Modular Interface Card - One per suite

IPCi - ADC Cards



OmniCom MPU Controller for 6 Units

OmniComTM 64 Telephone Entry Intercom Systems 

A unique Building Telephone Entry Intercom System designed with flexibility and low operation costs in mind. Capability to control 4 or more entry doors  and up to 63 suites. Works with any one of the Entry Panels displayed in Entry Panel Gallery. Beautiful Entry Panels of choice for historic sites or standard industrial/commercial look. Choice of small Entry Panels for small residential or commercial buildings. For buildings in construction, under remodeling or for upgrading addition to existing building.

These Apartment/Office Building Intercom Systems each offer an unequaled set of features. One of the hallmarks of these Apartment Entry systems is their ability to simultaneously operate as a hardwired telephone entry system and as an auto-dialer entry system. Another outstanding feature of these Apartment Intercom Systems is their ability to deliver door entry intercom from residents' existing phone sets while keeping the residents' phone lines fit for broadband internet sessions.

Most importantly, the OmniCom Apartment Telephone Intercom System features overall a variety of service classes for residents via different types of interface cards. Basic access screening and entry release services with residents' regular household telephones are provided with IPCi and ADC cards.

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EAP-23 Entry Access Panel - Flush-mount
Entry Access Panel EAP-23DC

BellGuardTM Panel

Keypad Entry Access Panel EAP-6K

Entry Access Panel

Hybrid Keypad Entry Access Panel EAPD-4K

Hybrid Entry Access Panel

Surface-Mount 6-Unit Mini Entry Intercom Panel

Surface-Mount Enclosure
for Mini Entry Access Panel
(Handles optional)


Hybrid Entry Access Panel EAPD-3PB

Hybrid Entry Access Panel


Hybrid Entry Panel for 6 Units - Surface-mount brass

Hybrid Entry Access Panel

Surface-mount Stainless Steel Doorphone


Smart Phone
(iOS or Android)
not included

Electric Doorstrike
Electric Doorstrike


Quick User Reference Guide & Owner's Manual
 Owner's Manual
& User Cards


Premium access services which include elevator control and compatibility with broadband phone line internet (DSL) are provided with IPCi cards. Access screening and entry release services with residents' cell phones are provided with ADC cards. Both types of hardware provide additionally elevator control such as in highrise buildings. Furthermore, auto-dial to residents's cell phones may be achieved with independent single-button Doorphone stations, for residents with independent entry door as may be the case in townhome complexes and commercial-residential constructions.  These interface cards sit inside of the MPU, namely the Master Processing Unit, one card being required for each suite. In the Auto-Dial classes of service (see below), a cell phone line may be used as the service line via the special cell line accessory, a bluetooth wireless device.

Each of these Apartment Telephone Intercom Systems consists of one or several Entry Access Panels and one or several MPU Controllers depending on required capacity. Use an MPU-6 for small buildings of up to 6 units, or an MPU-23 for buildings of 7 units or more.  An MPU-6 cabinet is expandable to up to 6 units while an MPU-23 cabinet is expandable to up to 23 units. For applications between 23 and 63 units, MPU Controllers are stacked. Applications beyond 63 units require 2 stacked Entry Access Panels as shown in Entry Panel Gallery. Size of MPU-23 cabinet: W 11 in.  x H 12.8 in x D 3.4 in. Size of MPU-6 cabinet: W 11 in. x H 7.75 in. x D 3.4 in.

Feature Set for this Apartment/Office Telephone Intercom System:

  • Tight cost control thru availability of 4 different classes of service to choose from for residents.
  • Each class of service independently available to each resident so a specific class of service may be chosen for any particular resident.
  • Line Intercept class of service for residents with an existing dial-tone phone line. So entry access services may be handled from their dial-tone phone sets over  their own phone lines. It's a no-phone-bill class of service.
  • Stand-Alone Intercom class of service for suites with the physical telephone wirelines but with no dial tone service from the local phone company. So residents may use one or more phone sets on the vacant line to access entry services. It's a no-phone-bill class of service
  • Common-Line Auto-Dial class of service for suites without a conventional landline, or suites with no physical telephone wireline inside. One common service phone line (land line or cell line alternatively) is provided at such effect for all residents with that class of access service. All guests' entry calls are channeled to the residents' cell phones via the dedicated service line. This class of service entails condominium phone call bills.
  • Private-Line Auto-Dial class of service. In that class of service the system will call the resident's cell phone to channel guests' entry calls by using the resident's own land line. That class of service entails phone call charges only to residents using that class of service on their own home phone bill.
  • Special decorative Entry Panels for small buildings, featuring individual buttons able to call residents's cell phones.
  • Modular system exactly configurable for any set of suites in a very cost-effective fashion. You don't pay for spare capacity you don't need. System readily upgradable as a whole or on a single unit basis. Preserves your investment as your needs evolve.
  • Generous storage of 30 digits per phone number for all auto-dial functions. Which makes the system usable in any country and virtually immune to unwelcome changes to the telephone numbering system by public telephone companies (telco's).
  • Optional video for audio-video communication from user's smartphones or computer pads.
  • Optional integrated video surveillance system with a multiplicity of stand-alone cameras.
  • Unlimited amount of multi-unit Entry Access Panels. (Some restrictions apply.)
  • Single-Button Doorphone stations for units with an independent entrance.
  • Fit for any amount of sections or apartment/office groupings in a building or complex, each section having their own entry door(s).
  • Elevator control interface to stir guests to the right floor once granted access thereby tightening building security.
  • Fully compatible with DSL lines  and internet use of phone lines, system intercepts residents's phone lines with no degradation of internet connection speed. 
  • Easy 1-hour install with installation kit by handy owner, electrical contractor or low-voltage system contractor. No technical trade knowledge needed, no costly trade/specialty tools and accessories needed. Guaranteed!
  • Includes 41-page Owner's Manual, Quick Install Guide for installer and Quick User Reference guides for residents. 
  • Loaded with additional unique features.

Note that all systems with Auto-Dial service, even for only one resident within the building, require a hybrid type of Entry Access Panel (EAPD).

Please click on any link below for more info on these Apartment Telephone Intercom Systems. Choose one of the Entry Access Panels displayed in Entry Panel Gallery for your lobby call module. 

Size: 11 in W x 12 in H x 3.5 in. D. One MPU interfaces with 23 units. Stackable in 3 modules for maximum capacity of 63 units. 


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