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Tutorials for Selecting Home Intercom Systems


   You are building or remodeling a home and now you must make a choice about the intercom system that will be put in place. Don't wait until dry walling to make a choice. Remember: after dry walling has been completed wiring jobs become very costly. Also your set of options then will be fairly limited.

   Which product to select? In-wall speaker intercom? Phone system? Telephone intercom system? It is fair to say that the line between what has been traditionally called home intercom systems and phone systems has always been rather blurry. Same holds true for small business phone systems compared to home phone systems. It is a real challenge to draw the line between the many communication systems that can be put to use in the residential environment today. However, indiscriminately interchanging them for one another might result in a costly misfit for a specific project.

   It may be wise to set out by asking yourself the following questions for your home intercom plans:

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  • Do I want door intercom?
  • Do I want entry video monitoring?
  • Do I want room-to-room intercom?
  • Do I want a DSL phone line for both phone and internet?
  • Do I want instead cable internet and phone over internet or VOIP?
  • Do I want wholehouse broadcast intercom (paging) or handset intercom? Or the both?
  • Do I want a HiFi wholehouse audio system?
  • Do I want an intercom system that can interconnect with my HiFi for handset-to-speaker intercom?
  • Do I want a traditional self-contained intercom system with mural pads?
  • Do I want IP internet-connected system?

   Surely there are quite a few more questions that you could ask yourself. But these can be your starter questions in order to survey the market.

   Beware that because you have a large home with a need for 10 or more phones, you don't have to get a typical business phone system, analog or IP. If you want a system with Wall Spaker Pads, you don't have to go for the traditional stand-alone kind that does not integrate with other home devices. And it is not because you want wholehouse intercom that you have to get the traditional style of intercom system. Of course, no vendor is in a position to tell you which product best meets your personal preferences and fits your needs at the same time. But here is why we think you should put our products in your basket. Here is another about the so-called internet of things and internet security.



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