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  You've had this whole series of fancy and sophisticated phone sets in your home: cordless of all sorts, with mobile built-in handset speaker, with additional plug-in headset, speakerphones, integrated telephone-answering machine, cordless with talking caller ID, multi-mailbox answering machine, pagers, sets with traditional decorative style for particular rooms, and so on so forth. So now that you only use your smartphone, and want to do away with a house landline, what do you do with these phones? Do you just spare them?

  But if your internet is via DSL, your house phones sitting on the phone line are still very much alive, even though you might not use them as oftenly as you used to. As useful as they may still be, many of these phones are stand-alone phones though, only able to make and take phone calls, as far as communication. Can you do more with them?

   You know it is no fun to be yelling at the top of your lungs from your townhouse top floor to the basement, to get other people's attention. Sure you can call them from your smart phone. But then everyone has to stick their smartphones to their pockets while they are constantly moving around the home as much as everyone does, if anyone hopes to be able to reach anyone else at any time that way. The bathroom is certainly a place where it is hard to stick to your smartphone. The cordless that is sitting there or used to, is certainly more handy, since you don't have to remember to bring it there. The deck in the back yard may be another one of those places, more so when there is a barbecue going on!

  When a guest rings your doorbell, you still need to get to the door even if you don't wish to open the door to the visitor, exposing yourself. Sure, you can have a dedicated door-to-cell phone system, but how about when the cell phone dies on you or you left it somewhere in the home you don't remember, or it's not with you at the moment for any reason. Do you also have to be the only person in the household to be able to fully and safely get the door remotely, as it is with those systems? Would it not be convenient that anyone available in the household can get to screen the door or gate from a user device as well, and grant access if desired?

   How about keeping an eye on the playroom, or the baby's or toddlers' rooms, wherever you might be around the home and whenever needed. Sure you can have a camera system, with your phone screen or your laptop screen for viewing. Did you think about your home TV's as well for viewing? Because when you are watching TV, or busy in the kitchen,  the laptop which may be away or the tiny smartphone screen, which in addition may be momentarily unreachable as well, are not of much help or even convenience, as opposed to the handy big TV screen on the refrigerator door or the living room right across the kitchen.

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  Did you consider multi-room music for even more convenience, with music streaming right from your smartphone when  you want or from another audio player when you want?

  By now, you know where I am going. Does it not look like that a system that can integrate your smartphone, with your house phones, take care of your doorbell and your room-to-room intercom, provide open voice broadcast in common household spaces, send video footage to your household TV's from any monitoring camera, is the way to go for a system that can deliver the convenience that you would like and the usefulness that would make your life easier. You certainly can have all these things from separate equipments, but it is only when they are integrated in smart ways as a single system offering the largest variety of end user devices, that you are going to be happy with the outcome, because it will really make a difference in your life at home and away. The difference between household gadgets and home automation that makes your house feel home!

  If you happen to have or plan to have a home office (SOHO), then you ought to know that all this is not just convenience but means to give you tremendous flexibility that will help you be more efficient running your business at home while increasing your bottom line. You don't have to have a home office, just being in the condition of a non-commuting employee puts you there. To make your business look good, aka professional, we give you music-on-hold, so that your customers don't go away while waiting. We even give you automatic busy redial, so you don't get tied up to the phone if a call does not go thru, the system will ring you back when the call is successful.

   Well, I would love to have all this, but I would prefer the traditional look of an in-wall Speaker at some locations, say you. No problem at all, we say. Flushed wall Speakers are among your choices for user device, with no restriction in quantity. You will be further very well served with these Speakers, if you happen to have an in-law section or a room with a bed-ridden relative whom you want to keep under constant audio monitoring. Very good as well for the playroom.

   I would love to have all this but my house is already built, does not look like that's feasible, say you. Think again. Our systems are designed to be flexible enough to be setup in any kind of existing environment you may have, by employing both wired and wireless connectivity, and in a very cost-efficient manner. We can even put a wired wall Speaker Pad at any location where you used to have a phone, if that's what you wish. If you are handy, you may like to know that you can save yourself the cost of contracting and setup your whole system yourself.

   When it comes to video surveillance, you must also keep in mind that these systems can fully integrate with dedicated muti-camera video monitoring systems, such as our Vizzio system.

   We would love to discuss your project and give you the exact solution for your needs and planned budget.  The Ennovah Q-26 series, a lifetime of convenience, home safety and security!

Note: A subset of these features is also applicable to MiniCom. Please check with us.

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