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   Brilliant ideas in intercom systems!


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  Quantometrix builds integrated systems that are particularly easy to install and require for the most part no special trade knowledge or install training. However the more complex the system the more help from a low voltage contractor might be needed. 

  Experienced homeowners or building owners who are interested in installing any product by themselves may purchase directly from us by calling  800-766-0266 or by shopping online.

  Homeowners or building owners who prefer a local contractor to install their product of choice may hire any of the registered contractors or any listed independent contractor. All listed independent contractors are experienced contractors who have installed one or several of the Quantometrix systems. Beware that the list below is old and limited. Please call us at 800-766-0266 to request a contractor for your project. We will take your request and take the time to find you the best qualified affiliate contractor for your particular project within your local area. We will query our much larger in-house database of affiliate contractors.



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If you are unable to spot a contractor near your zipcode from the list above, please call us so we may query for you our daily updated in-house database and find you the contractor most familiar with your system of choice.

DISCLAIMER: This list is published for your convenience. When it comes to installation, selecting an installer remains your own responsibility as well as the negotiations on the terms of any work to be performed. If you choose to use installation services of a registered dealer from this list, you expressly agree that it is at your sole risk and is without warranties of any kind by Quantometrix, expressed, implied or otherwise. Under no circumstances is Quantometrix liable for any damages arising from the transactions between you and any installer or dealer. To determine which dealer to include in this list Quatometrix uses information provided by qualifying firms. Quantometrix has not independently verified the accuracy of any contractor licensing information, and does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for doing so. Quantometrix does not endorse or recommend any specific installer or dealer, offer advice on which dealer to select for installation jobs or check whether dealers or installers are properly qualified, licensed, bonded or insured under applicable laws or regulations in areas where they operate. We strongly urge you to carefully check references and confirm qualifications with your local licensing or business organizations before hiring any installer or contracting firm published on this page.

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