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       Root Specifications for All Systems

Products Specifications


This section presents the physical and technical specifications for our products overall. These specs sheets are delivered in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. If Acrobat Reader is not installed with your browser, please download a free version by clicking on the logo below. 


Please note that the specs sheets do not include core wiring diagrams. We maintain, however, a rich library of installation diagrams for every conceivable application. All available for the asking. 

Request specific installation diagrams, Product Catalog or products specification not published here:

You may also contact us by calling Toll Free 800-766-0266

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Please click on one of the links below to download the specs for a specific system or component.


Ennovah Q-26/DX Door Entry Screening and Monitoring (480k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/DXC Door Entry Access Control & Monitoring
(493k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/DP Remote Door Entry Control & Monitoring
(615k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/DPC Remote Door Entry Control & Indoor Voice Page
(581k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/IV Open Voice Page with Music Capabiltity
(480k - pdf)

Ennovah Q-26/IX Room & Door Intercom with Monitoring (289k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/IXC Room & Door Intercom with Monitoring & Controls
(563k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/IP Room &Door Intercom w. Monitoring & Page & Controls
(464k - pdf)
Ennovah Q-26/IPC Room &Door Intercom w. Monitoring - 2 Music Sources -  2-Zone Voice Page
(603k - pdf)
Ultimatoll Q-16S-MS System (85k - pdf)
Ultimatoll Q-16S-E Economy System Discontinued - See Q-26/DP
Ultimatoll Q-16S-EX Economy System Discontinued - See Q-26/DX
Ultimatoll Q-16S-EX Voice Page System Discontinued - See Q-26/IV
Ultimatoll Q-16S-S Standard System Discontinued - See Q-26/IP
Ultimatoll Q-16S-SX Standard System Discontinued - See Q-26/IX
Ultimatoll Q-16S-P Premium System Discontinued - See Q-26/IPC
Ultimatoll Q-16S-PX Premium System Discontinued - See Q-16-MS
PhoneBell Q-10s Door Phone System (173k - pdf)
PhoneBell Q-10d Door Phone System (173k - pdf)
PhoneBell Q-10f Door Phone System (173k - pdf)
PhoneBell Q-10i Door Phone System (173k - pdf)
Heavy-Faceplate Doorphone Station (for Ultimatoll) (37k - pdf)
Heavy-Faceplate Doorphone Station (for PhoneBell) (37k - pdf)
Thin-Faceplate Doorphone Station (for Ultimatoll) (35k - pdf)
Thin-Faceplate Doorphone Station (for PhoneBell) (35k - pdf)


OmniCom 64 Building Entry System (100k - pdf)
Entry Access Panels (EAP-2/EAP-4/EAP-6) (160k - pdf)
Flexus 64 Building Entry System


All specifications are subject to change for improvement without prior notice.



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