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  Quantometrix, Inc. is dedicated to providing hardware solutions for portal integrity and indoor wellness as our higher business mission.

   We specialize in the production of smart gears or telephone Controllers with entry access control functions catering to single-family homes and multi-unit apartment homes and buildings as well as offices. Since our inception in Massachusetts in 1995, we have developed a line of unique and sophisticated home telephone intercom systems and apartment building entry systems as well as commercial door buzzer systems, with and without video capabilities. In addition to intercom functions, our Controllers offer a plethora of unprecedented security and wellness features in the residential and commercial environment, whether in homes, townhouses or multi-unit apartment/office buildings. 

For more than 20 years Quantometrix has been dedicated to portal security and integrity in residential and commercial environments. Our system have enjoyed over the years and continue to enjoy great acceptation among an ever increasing customer base. Our customers appreciate the great quality products that we offer for a diversity of services at a fair price. We strive to ensure the quality of our offerings produced in our US facility even when they incorporate off- shore elements. Our products are being used not only in US domestic settings but in international settings all over the glove as well.

Quantometrix has been active in online e-commerce ever since the beginning of the commercial web around 1997. We are a secure and trustworthy place to shop online. So shop with confidence. We have great advice and tutorials for the do-it-yourselfers as well. If you want to run your building or home system project yourself, you will find great resources on this website to help you along. Of course, our technical support staff is always a phone call away to assist you while installing or setting up any product by yourself, wired or wireless. If you are a contractor in the market for a product, when you buy from us you will join a long list of satisfied contractors who have directly done business with us over more than 20 years. We do not sell thru distributors so that the discounts go directly to you.

  Our staff includes experienced telecom engineers and technicians, some with more than 30 years of experience in the telecom industry, in the USA and abroad. From unique equipment design to expert technical service, our staff is prepared to efficiently respond to all your product, service and support needs, wherever you are on the globe. We take the phone call right here, speak your language, and solve your problem. If you are looking for people who know what they do, care for what they do, and mind not go the extra length to make it easy for you and solve your problem or provide the solution you are looking for, that's us, that's our attitude, that's our mindset.

  We will not have been around that long without good performance and Trust. Customer and public trust. So we are positively listed in all the following industry rating or directory listing places, among many others:

Better Business Bureau
Arcat Construction Directory
AEC Notify Construction Directory
4-Specs Construction Specification Directory
HomeToys Home Technology Catalog
Design Guide
Hello Trade Suppliers Catalog





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