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At Quantometrix, Inc., we specialize in telephone intercom systems with entry access control for single-family homes and multi-unit apartment homes and buildings. Since our inception in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1995, we have developed a line of unique and sophisticated home telephone intercom systems and apartment building entry systems. In addition to intercom functions, our systems offer a plethora of unprecedented communication features in the residential and commercial environment, whether in homes, townhouses or multi-unit apartment/office buildings. 

  The telephone intercom systems that we manufacture offer the best price/value ratio in the market. While saving you a great deal of installations costs, they combine ease of installation with flexibility and a suite of communication/security features. They are second to none and have been especially designed with residential services in mind.

  Our staff includes experienced telecom engineers and technicians, some with more than 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, some others even with international experience. From unique equipment design to expert technical service, our staff is prepared to efficiently respond to all your product, service and support needs. 

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