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MiniCom Q-16 

With these Telephone Intercom Systems, you get more telephone services from your answering machine. The MiniCom system enables your machine to record third-party messages from external callers after somebody has picked up the call. When you receive an external call requesting a third party who is away at the moment, you can either take a written message or better transfer the call to the answering machine.  You only need to perform an automatic transfer to the absent third party's ID number and let the answering machine take the call. 

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These Telephone Intercom Systems will so enhance the professional image of your home business or small office. Professional telephone service that will certainly not be left unnoticed by your clients, if you have someone else take calls for you while you are away.

A call came in and somebody answered the phone. But the call is for someone else who is absent at the time, you for example. With this Telephone Intercom System, the user may then transfer the call in automatic mode to the answering machine. Once you are back home, you can playback all the messages from the handset of any extension by dialing the remote access code of your answering machine. Of course you can always playback the messages right off the machine as usual. If instead of a simple answering machine, you have a multiple mailbox answering device, it will work as fine. Everyone will be able to read their messages from the handset of their extension phones by dialing the appropriate codes or directly off the machine1.

Note that even if you have caller ID on your line you can't always identify the callers. Some callers block their ID, some outbound calls cannot be identified. Many times you get an 'unknown caller' display. You pick the phone and it is an undesirable call! Another situation that arises is when somebody else pick up a call and wish to transfer it to you after contacting you. But you want to politely refuse the call. Be relieved, in all these situations you or your relatives can politely tell the caller you can't take the call right now and invite the caller to leave you a message on your voice mail machine. You or your peer will simply transfer the call to the answering machine. So you can politely refuse an undesirable call, and if it is a worthwhile matter you still get a chance to catch it up!

The MiniCom Q-16 Telephone Intercom System: a plethora of great communication services.


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Note 1: Some answering machines might not allow you to read voice mail from remote indoor handsets with the MiniCom. Use a voice mail server box in these cases.

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