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    Keyless Access Control with Keypad and Electric Doorstrike

 Keyless Door Entry Security

Keyless Access



If you are looking for a keyless access control solution for your entry door or  gate, this flexible low-cost Keyless Digital Keypad is the answer. Use it together with and electric doorstrike to complete your simple door security system. 

This keyless security keypad is small enough to fit in any standard single gang box. Yet it provides up to 123 user codes of 1 to 6 digit long, that is 1 million different combinations to choose from. You can assign a password to each household member or site employee. If you have a property gate and a certain service personnel, you may even assign a password to this kind of service personnel. The user punches in the assigned code on the keyless keypad and the device sends an open signal to the attached entry doorstrike. 

This security keyless access keypad features a 10 Amps relay , 5 individual outputs to control additional alarm devices as desired, as well as error key lockout. This keyless door security keypad offers easy-to-use front programming and protection of programmed data against power failure with non-volatile memory. 

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With this keyless entry security keypad, you may even program the timing between commands and response is programmable, featuring 5 user programmable timers. This entry security device shares control of your entry door or entry gate doorstrike with your Telephone Intercom Controller, if a joint controller is installed. If your gate is a motorized gate, the entry security keypad can also control the motor mechanism.

So you can release your front entry door or your entrance gate either from the keypad of the indoor phone sets or from the keyless keypad sitting at your entrance door. For applications where a Keypad Entry Access Panel is already in use at the property entrance, a discrete keyless keypad may be used inside the property in order to allow guests to exit the property by themselves. All controlling devices will be electrically mounted in parallel on your door strike to deliver a complete, powerful and flexible access control security solution.

This Keyless Access Keypad works as well with our Building Entry systems and may be used with anyone of the multi-unit Entry Access Panels (EAP and FLP).

This is a great keyless access control solution at an unbeatable price!

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