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    Video Door Entry Systems

 Door Entry Video Systems For Homes and Buildings
Surface-mount Polished Brass Doorphone

Video Doorphone
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Video Entry Panel
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Entry Panel
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Easy Video Entry Systems
Setting up a Video Entry System for home security or apartment building security is easy. Choose the correct entry station or stations for your application, choose the Controller for your application (may not be required),  and lastly decide what type of indoor sets you want for picture display from entry camera(s).

For an advanced application which also requires such features as premise-wide video surveillance with lots of cameras, simultaneous display of all cameras on one screen, real-time or time lapse video recording,  remote web monitoring, etc., see our CVC-4 computer-based video surveillance card. Our video door entry systems will all seamlessly integrate with this surveillance system or any other stand-alone or computer-based video surveillance system. Any existing computer may be enabled for video surveillance with the addition of these video capture cards.

Simple One-Screen Video Entry Systems
For a simple one-screen video entry system for a home or an office you only need to select a built-in doorphone camera (black&white or color, low light or normal light) and a display screen, i.e. a computer screen, a video handset station as shown below, an LCD screen or a household TV set. For displaying into a computer screen, make sure the computer is equipped with a video capture card, which is available here. Other cards with distinct feature set are available at computer retailers. 

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Computer Screen with All-in-One Split Display

Handset Video Phone

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Household TV


When choosing to display into an existing household TV, make sure that TV set carries a yellow RCA jack. This is the input for video from the camera. Your system will consist of a doorphone station with built-in camera, a Control box (not necessary with SaffeGard system) and a user station. It is up to you how you want your user station to be as explained above: whatever your preference, there is an arrangement to satisfy your taste or need. See the suite of video doorphones here. See available PhoneBell controllers.

Building Video Entry Systems
We offer two solutions for building video entry surveillance depending on whether the client wants dedicated video sets inside the units or viewing with tenants' household TV sets. For a dedicated or stand-alone solution choose one of the Flexus sytems which will provide a multi-button entry Panel with built-in camera and a handset video phone for each suite. This solution should be contemplated for small buildings (a dozen of suites or less). Whenever viewing in tenants' TV set is more desirable for any reason, choose one of the OmniCom systems. Those systems also provide a multi-button Entry Panel with built-in camera and a micro video controller which will tie into the building cable system allowing tenants to display entry camera picture on a dedicated channel. More...

Multi-Camera Video Intercom Systems
A common situation in residential environments where the homeowner might want to exercise video surveillance on several perimeter entrances or instead on one entryway and one or several indoor locations for instance. Choose your doorphone stations with the desired type of built-in camera and an Ennovah Controller which must be equipped with a video expansion card. All options and methods of video display remain open, and they are all usable at the same time: display into computer screen (family room), display into dedicated video phone (kitchen), display into stand-alone LCD screen (room with no TV service by intent), display into household TV sets (bedrooms), integration with quad-splitter (home office), video recorders, multiplexers, etc. Note that our video phone set carries an actual telephone handset which operates like any other household phone on the home telephone line. All control commands are entered from the handset, i.e. select a stand-alone camera or a built-in doorphone camera to put on screen. Very simple to operate. More...

Wireless Video Intercom Systems
A single-unit doorpone solution for homes and commercial offices. See the SaffeGard systems.

A quick tutorial on how to setup a video telephone entry system in a home.



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