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 Call Forwarding to Remote Phone Number or Cell Phone 


From door speaker
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Ultimatoll Economy Q-16S-E Controller 

Doorphone call forwarding is a feature exhibited only by the Q-16S-E door entry system. This feature is unavailable in the Q-16S-EX controller. This feature allows the user to forward the calls from any of the doorphones, while he is away, to a pre-programmed phone number, any phone number: local, out-of-state, international! All the related commands can be remotely entered, including door opener control.

The user may so keep in touch with visitors while he is away from home. Whenever a guest hits the doorphone call button in the Absence Mode, the system automatically hooks up the phone line and dials out the pre-programmed forwarding number.

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The guest remains completely unaware of the dialing tones and call progress tones going on in the background. He or she knows nothing until a voice speaks out. You get this dial out capability on every single one of your doorphones! This is a tremendous extension of your telephone service which no telephone company or so-called low-cost intercom equipment is able to provide you.

If you have an attendant who will not be on duty all the time, in any situation, the forwarding feature of the Ultimatoll Q-16S-E door entry system is the perfect solution for you.


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