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  Door/Gate To Phone Intercom with Dial Out and Yard Monitoring 

Built-in Interface for Multiple Doorphones

This telephone intercom system is specially designed to support all the doorphones you'll ever need in a home. The built-in interface allows you to install 4 doorphones  in the simplest way that can be: only one twisted pair for each doorphone, and each hooked up to one single 2-terminal port on the unit! Delivers great performance. No other available equipment will give you that much in one package. Avoid the hassle of complicated fine tune adjustments to the door

station(s) to prevent feedback noise. No connection to your existing doorbell button, you don't need it. No initiation tone control to set up in order to avoid conflict with other equipments. No number-of-rings switch to adjust. No wire polarity to take care of. No separate anunciator. You hook up all your doorphones in parallel to one single port on the unit! Period. However, if you prefer individual doorphone connections, then add the QX-3 module to your package.

Excellent voice clarity at over 1000 ft of distance between gate and property home. Double up your twisted pair or use lower gauge wire (stronger wire) to overcome all distance limitations. On incoming doorphone calls, you get a distinctive ring on your phones, you pick the handset and talk. There is a long time out on these calls, so no rush, no missed calls. You also get a call waiting tone at your handset if you were already on the phone at the time of the doorphone call. The call waiting tone is also delivered on cross calls the other way around, so you don't miss incoming calls if you happen to spend a long time in any doorphone communication. 

To buzz your door there is no special additional card or interface for your doorstrike either. You hook up your doorstrike directly to the two slide-entry terminals labeled Doorstrike at the bottom of the Unit. Install all additional strikes from other doors in parallel and use our AC power supply. When you strike a buzz to the doors only the door which the visitor pushes open will latch open, all others will remain locked. Simple! The strike contact closure on this port is rated for 2A - 240V. Click here for diagrams. This system installs in minutes, not in days with a lot of frustration and aggravation.

If you prefer an individual strike for each door for any reason (i.e. control for 1 door and 1 gate on your premise), you will need to add a QX-3 module to your package. This small module attaches to the Intercom Unit and delivers 4 individual strike ports (in addition to paging/music interfacing), distinctive door chime with your door chime box and more. The single-pair wires from each of your door strike devices need only be hooked up direct to the dedicated strike port on the module, no separate transformers needed.


B.- Stand-Alone Door Entry Access System

Maybe you just want a stand-alone door intercom equipment with no interaction with a phone line. Just an entry access control equipment only to talk to a visitor and eventually open the door from the keypad of the phone set. Well, you can readily do so with the Ultimatoll in a very cost-effective fashion. You just attach the door station to the dedicated port on the Unit via 2-conductor wire and attach a phone to the extension port of the Unit. Hook up your doorstrike device to the dedicated port on the Unit. 

The Ultimatoll will so deliver optimum performance in a very cost-effective solution. Just purchase the Ultimatoll unit (Economy sytem), the doorphone and the DC adaptor. If you already have a two-conductor doorphone station, it may perfectly operate with the Ultimatoll. However, it is not guaranteed for all brands. More...


C.- Complement your PBX or KSU-less phones  with Entry Access Control

Perhaps you wish to add entry access control to your existing PBX/Key system or your existing set of KSU-less intercom phones. You can do so with the Ultimatoll (Economy system) even if you have no free line button left on your intercom phones or no free line interface in your PBX/Key system unit. The Ultimatoll will share one of your existing lines for door access control with call waiting on cross calls 

and the outstanding capability to optionally dial out on visitor's calls. Your phone line will keep operating as usual thru your KSU or KSU-less phones.


D.- Door Entry Access System with Video Capture

Maybe you want to see your visitors too! Not a problem. You only need to install at your door a mini camera which you may connect directly  to a TV set. Or better, connect an RF modulator to the camera if you want the entrance to be visible from more than one TV set. This video system runs in parallel with your telephone intercom system and both complement each other. A perfectly cost-effective solution. More details here.

The Ultimatoll: Your #1 telephone intercom system! The convenience and savings you can't afford to miss.

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