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Many situations arise in condominium buildings that pose a challenge to building administrators or specifiers in general when accomodating services for eventual or existing residents. Existing buildings particularly pose sometimes the most difficult challenges due to restrictions that make it overly costly if not plainly unfeasible to accomodate certain services.

One of these challenges is to provide the convenience of no-phone-bill telephone entry access services in a building where tenant phone lines do not aggegrate at one common spot inside the premise before distribution to the units, and where each suite gets instead its separate and direct street-level feed of the phone line.

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The OmniCom telephone entry system provides a clean solution to this problem by precluding the use of a central Controller unit and integrating instead with distributed mini low-cost controllers, each sitting directly inside of the apartment unit. See the PhoneBell mini Controllers for such applications. The PhoneBell boxes will then substitute the MPU Controller, while the same Entry Panel or distribution of Panels will remain in effect.

Another increasingly common and challenging situation is when tenants choose to switch their telephone service to the cable service provider or an internet/IP-based telephone service provider for the obvious savings. In those cases the telephone dial tone is delivered to the suite's telephone handsets by a Processor box sitting inside the tenant's unit, instead of the local phone company incoming dial tone in the building utility area. A conventional no-phone-bill telephone entry system will simply not be able to accomodate those tenants' choices now and in the future. The OmniCom telephone entry system will readily provide the required solutions. It will do so very straightforwardly with the addition of a PhoneBell mini controller in the unit requiring telephone service from cable provider. The low-cost PhoneBell Controller will be attached to the tenant's new dial tone source, without entailing any change whatsoever to the physical wiring inside the unit or outside the unit. These solutions do not entail any alteration of offered entry access services by the telephone entry system. Another direct solution to this sort of challenge is the Auto-Dial classes of service offered by the MPU Controller of the OmniCom Entry System whereby no inside building wiring to the suites is used at all.

These capabilities by themselves can have a direct positive impact on tenant's turnover in a rental condominium allowing property managers to attract and/or retain tenants longer because their cost-saving options on utility services are not limited. As to residents that are homeowners as in high-end condominium buildings, such solutions conveniently keep open their phone service provider options. With these and other capabilities, the OmniCom entry system truly plays as one invaluable tool in the property manager/owner's  toolset to profitably handle their bottom line! Make the right choice the first time!


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