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Condominium Building Entry Access Systems

Condominium Building Access Control Systems


Quantometrix manufactures the best condominium building telephone entry access systems in the market. Whether you are looking for a replacement system that will work with existing dedicated wires in your building or a system that will tie into the phone wirelines in the building, we have a system for every need.

See the Flexus system for a stand-alone entry access system. See the OmniCom system for a telephone-based building access system.

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We specialize in Condominium Building Access Control Entry systems under any of the denominations listed at the left. Please click on any of the links above to enter the section of our site which provides related information as well as the products from our portfolio that deliver condominium building entry access security services. 

Please note that our condominium building access systems are telephone-based access security systems. They allow residents to use their existing handsets as intercom phones for access control purposes. If you are looking for an access security system that is totally stand-alone, not requiring residents's dial tone that is, our system can still be the best choice for you: they may optionally function as stand-alone condominium access control systems with a dedicated phone handset in each apartment unit as intercom phone station. Click here for more info.

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